Assist is a polymer based spray adjuvant…

designed to maximize flexibility, safety, and profitability of foliar spray applications for Turf and Ornamentals. Assist works two ways to increase the effectiveness of foliar spray

applications. First, Assist reduces surface tension of the spray droplets maximizing wetness of the plant leaf insuring adequate coverage of control products. Secondly, Assist stimulates the plant opening the stomata to absorb the spray solution quickly and completely.



>Rain fast in 1 hour

>Reduce herbicide, fungicide, insecticide rate to lowest manufacturers’ recommendation

>Increased efficacy at lower or higher temperature

>Reduced rates + increased control = money saved


Assist can be used with herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, plant growth regulators, or any other foliar application. Use Assist at a rate of 4-5 oz/acre and maximize all your foliar applications!

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